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About Us

My name is Kim Julius and I am the creator of Kim’s Classic Handmade Soaps. I began my handmade soap business in 2001 mainly because I was fed up with the commercial soaps I was using at the time. I found soaps that were commercially produced, very drying the skin. Then, one day a friend and I were at the markets in Melbourne, and we came across a lady selling her own handmade soaps.  So, now I just had to learn how to make handmade soaps. I researched on line, and bought some books, then went to work finding the best recipe to suit my needs. Today, I have a lovely range of handmade soaps to offer you,that will neither dry nor strip the natural oils from your skin. Bear in mind too, that your skin is the largest organ of the body, and it will drink in any product that you put on it, so it’s a good idea to avoid any chemical laden products, and go with something that you know is naturally good for you.

I added bath crystals to my list of products. I chose Epsom crystals because it adds magnesium and it soothes the muscles after a long day.

After twelve months selling bath products (soaps and bath crystals) I came accross Wheat and Lavender Heat packs, or wheat bags. I remember thinking at the time, I had never heard of them small pack that can be used to spot treat small areas of the body, to the large lumber that gives great coverage of the lumber region, to neck packs, and our shoulder pack that treats all your shoulder region and the upper back.

Natural Soy Wax Candles are a relatively new product that I have launched in the market These soy candles are a non toxic wax (unlike paraffin wax)  that are very effective at throwing their fragrance right across the room, filling it with a sweet smelling fragrance and also adding a lovely ambience.